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DMCA policy

DMCA policy

This Digital Millennium Copyright Act policy( “Policy”) applies to the apkgz.com website( “Website” or “Service”) and any of its related products and services( collectively, “Services”) and outlines how this Website operator( “Operator”, “we”, “us” or “our”) addresses copyright infringement notifications and how you( “you” or “your”) may submit a copyright infringement complaint. Protection of intellectual property is of utmost importance to us and we ask our users and their authorized agents to do the same. It is our policy to expeditiously respond to clear notifications of alleged copyright infringement that comply with the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act( “DMCA”) of 1998, the text of which can be found on the U. S. Copyright Office website.

Table of contents

  • What to think about before filing a copyright complaint
  • Infringement notifications
  • alterations and additions
  • submitting a copyright complaint

What to think about before filing a copyright complaint

Please be aware that before notifying us, you might want to speak with a lawyer if you are unsure whether the information you report actually violates any laws. You must enter your personal information in the copyright infringement notification required by the DMCA. You might want to hire an agent to report infringing material on your behalf if you are worried about the security of your personal information.

Infringement notifications

You may use the contact information listed below in accordance with the DMCA to submit a written copyright infringement notification( “Notification”) if you, as the owner or agent thereof, believe that any content made available on our Services violates those rights. The DMCA requirements must be met by all such Notifications. A pre-defined legal process begins with the filing of a DMCA complaint. We’ll evaluate the completeness, validity, and accuracy of your complaint. Our response may include removing or restricting access to allegedly infringing material if your complaint has satisfied these requirements.

We will do our best to inform the affected user of the removal or restriction of access if we do so in response to a notification of alleged infringement. The Operator reserves the right to refuse to act upon receiving a copyright infringement notification from the DMCA if it does n’t meet all the requirements for such notifications, despite anything to the contrary contained in any part of this Policy. Our ability to pursue any additional remedies we may need to address suspected infringement is not constrained by the procedure outlined in this policy.

Alterations and additions

At any time, at our discretion, we reserve the right to change this Policy or its terms relating to the Website and Services. We’ll email you to let you know when we do. At our discretion, we may also give you notice in other ways, such as by using the contact details you provided. Unless otherwise specified, a revised version of this policy will go into effect right away after it is posted. Your continued use of the website and services following the revised Policy’s effective date( or the date of any other act specified therein) constitutes your acceptance of those modifications.

Reporting copyright infringement

If you would like to notify us of the infringing material or activity, we encourage you to contact us using the details below:


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